Why would you choose INK N ART EVENTS?

A leading, trendsetting organization & crew with passion and love for the profession and the industry.

Ink n Art Events has more than 15 years of experience and is the market leader in the Dutch market and has successfully organized more than 25 tattoo related events, in short an organization that has welcomed thousands of (inter)national artists from all over the world! Ink n Art Events continues to grow due to the huge customer base and 'feedback' from all satisfied participating artists.

Why a tattoo artist participates in our conventions!? Presentation-Networking-Sharing knowledge or participation in a competition (ink battle) are just a few keywords that come up. For example, at an Ink n Art event you can:

● Networking with regard to 'guest spots'.
● Acquiring new potential customers.
● Meeting photographers for potential shoots.
● Consulting with each other and exchanging experiences regarding methods and/or presenting work.

These are the most normal things… things you miss when you just stay in your own work environment and have to figure everything out yourself. In short, participation in our events means progression, inspiration and development on various fronts, we offer a platform and exposure for young and old talent!

We at Ink n Art Events consider it a great honor that an artist (or visitor) chooses our event ... We also know and realize that an artist must make the necessary preparations and may even have to close his shop for the weekend and find a hotel. booking, so in short, it takes a lot of effort and incurs expenses to present itself at an event. So why go through this trouble and incur quite a lot of expenses….?

Unfortunately, nowadays we see more and more in the (inter)national scene that there are organizations that handle this knowledge very 'lightly' and underestimate the organization of an event!! ( a 'nice' location fully booked with tattoo artists and a live band or DJ and a simple fashion show unfortunately still seem like the perfect 'blueprint' for a convention these days, or a 3 day convention, what use is that for a national artist these days? ... then you have to close your shop for at least 2 days !! Result; even more extra expenses and no extra exposure at all !! ) The only thing that matters is to book as many tattoo artists as possible and to give little or nothing in return in the form of promotion, service & quality, entertainment and location … let alone visitors ??

We as Ink n Art Events don't pretend to be the best, but we prove it, time and time again! The fact is, as long as there are artists who book/register for 'low quality' conventions, such conventions can continue to exist and things will not get any better in the tattoo scene. Notably, the quality is even deteriorating because in order to be able to rent out the tables, the compromise regarding the quality is getting bigger and bigger! Other conventions suffer because public interests are divided enormously, with the result that, among other things, visitor numbers are extremely disappointing.

Our aim is to take into account the ratio in terms of numbers (number of artists and visitors) and to create a top quality event in all areas. You will find that in entertainment quality, appearance and the stands and entrance prices for artists / traders and visitors.

With more than 25 events of experience, you can expect something as a participating artist or visitor and we always do our utmost for that with an enormous drive and passion. We stand for: exposure, progression, inspiration, development, ambiance, atmosphere, price, quality, entertainment, service and location !! So why go through all the trouble and go for less? We would like to welcome you with open arms at one of our Ink n Art Events.

Andy Bonzai & Crew